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Environmental Careers: Resume and Interview Workshops

GWPNC is a non-profit professional association serving the environmental community across fields related to groundwater (engineering, geology, and environmental sciences). As part of our outreach initiative, we present to student organizations to help students prepare for jobs in consulting, private industry, and government positions.

Our workshop and presentation covers:

  • Resumes, what to include or leave out
  • Interactive resume review
  • How professionals view, internships and coops, publications, presentations, and course work during the screening and hiring process
  • Interviewing basics and field specific tips

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Outreach Opportunities

East Carolina University - pending for Fall 2018
Duke University - pending for Fall 2018

Previous Outreach Events

Guilford College Geology

Guilford College Geology Department - March 22, 2018

Holly Peterson
Assistant Professor
Department of Geology

UNCC Geology

UNCC Geology - April 17, 2018

David Vinson
Assistant Professor
Department of Geography & Earth Sciences



Updated: October 19, 2018